The Global LGBTI Tech & Science Conference


MAY 6, 2017 | BERLIN


60+ mind-blowing speakers, artists and performers both high-profile and grass-root.


1,000+ diverse LGBTI tech talents, experts, innovators, scientists, designers, artists from around the world.


Our conference is very interdisciplinary in nature and explores state-of-the-art digital trends.

Inventive, progressive, inspiring, empowering, insightful, just plain entertaining or downright revolutionary! 


#UNIT is famous for its mind-blowing program and inclusion of digital arts, installations, interventions, performances, and music!


#UNIT brings people from all continents except for Antartica 🙂 More than half of our speakers have international backgrounds.


We love knowledge-sharing and mutual learning through interaction and doing. We propose various in-depth skill building workshops.



#UNIT is a unique and entertaining conference: very laid-back, positive atmosphere without suits and formalities, a lot of networking possibilities, inspiring talks, music, encounters, performances and installations.


Our ultimate goal is to connect as many diverse unicorns interested in tech and science as possible. In order to share, inspire, empower and learn from each other, work together and create common projects, and just enjoy some time together! who come to Berlin in order to share, inspire, empower and learn from each other, and create common projects“Connecting Unicorns” is the core of our program. There will be many networking opportunities, including regular speed-networking, common workshops, networking games, networking desk, company and start-up stands, pitching, and of course talks.

#UNIT is  a cool and fun conference with well-known and promising talents as speakers. The event is also a great platform for future employers and employees to meet, and to start a new partnership. We believe that closer social connections ultimately create the feeling of a stronger community and make our spaces safer and more accepting.



We put all our efforts into bringing the most inspiring speakers to #UNIT. We strongly believe that inspiration drives innovation. We want our members and guests to get excited about path-breaking technologies and plethora of opportunities, they bring to us. We do our best to bring mind-blowing or unknown technologies for play-and-try. We also focus on meaningful close mentorship and skills building. We have various workshops at #UNIT, where you can learn concrete unique skills. The workshops vary in content, format and difficulty level.


#UNIT 2017 | Connecting Unicorns: The Global LGBTI Tech & Science Conference is going to become more global with more international speakers than #UNIT 2016. We want to bring together LGBTI tech communities from East and West, North and South, from high-profile speakers and established authorities to emerging talents, to discuss the new trends and future of tech and science.We are going to discover alternative voices and unknown but remarkable tech and science projects from around the world and create a space for mutual learning, inspiring and empowering! We are going to look for LGBTI hidden tech gems and stars beyond Silicon Valleys and bring them to Berlin on May 6th, 2017!


Another goal is to promote LGBTI visibility, diversity, inclusivity in tech and science workplaces and to address these issues in safe spaces. There are not many events that create safe spaces to discuss everyday experiences of queer people in tech and science. There are even less platforms that bridge LGBTI communities and businesses together. #UNIT strives to draw wider social attention to issues of discrimination and exclusion at workplaces through bringing media attention and fostering reflective discussions.

#UNIT is a day, when LGBTI people share their inspirational and empowering personal stories of coming out, transitioning, challenging norms and attitudes at work. It is a day, when strategies of how to change tech spaces to be more diverse and inclusive are discussed. It is a day, when organisations reflect upon their policies and practices. It is a day that brings change into the daily lives of LGBTI people.


The thing that makes us different from other tech conferences is fun. Fun is in our DNA. We love to entertain. We create very easy-going atmosphere without suits and formalities. We want to create a safe space, where everyone feels truly as a part of the community, of the bigger family. Beyond any doubt you will feel yourself energetic and excited, entertained and curious, enchanted and fascinated. We will throw a party in the end to ease our packed brains. We shorten social distances and destroy the boredom. We love each of our smart and gorgeous guests. We welcome everyone. And we all party with our DJs and celebrate! Dive with us into a pool of uniqueness, joy and excitement!


Prof. David K Smith

Prof. David K Smith

Renowned nano-chemist at Department of Chemistry | University of York, one of the most visible LGBTI scientist and Youtube star with over half a million views

Dave Smith is Professor of Chemistry at University of York, where he carries out fundamental research into smart nanomaterials and nanomedicines, publishing ca. 150 research papers and with an h-index over 50. He is a passionate educator with a strong belief in widening participation, giving outreach lectures to 30,000+ UK school students and developing his own YouTube chemistry channel, with over half a million views.

Dave has been recognised for excellence both in research and teaching, having received the Corday Morgan Award in 2012 from The Royal Society of Chemistry and a National Teaching Fellowship from the Higher Education Academy in 2013. In 2014, he was one of C&ENs Top 20 Chemists to Follow on Twitter. He has also been recognised as one of the RSC’s 175 diverse ‘Faces of Chemistry’ in recognition of work to raise the profile of LGBT+ scientists.

Dave entered into a civil partnership with his husband Sam in 2010. They live in central York, with their adopted son, where they enjoy the vibrant and historic city, and like cooking and travelling.

Talk: From Strength in Diversity to Smart Nanoscale Technologies

Diverse scientists will have diverse ideas and approaches – essential for cutting-edge research. Furthermore, happy, fulfilled scientists will perform better and achieve more. Indeed, if we only care about the science, and not the people who do it, we won’t generate the best results. Inspired by the power of combining the diversity of individual scientists, we will explore soft materials which combine the diversity of individual molecular components. In our labs, we create soft gel-phase materials using the self-assembly of molecular building blocks to form nanoscale structuring – a ‘bottom-up’ approach to nanofabrication. Each of the individual molecular components brings its own ‘personality’ to the resulting gel, which becomes endowed with high-levels of functionality as a result. By harnessing many components, we create materials with precise spatial and temporal control, with different regions performing different jobs. As a result, our soft materials have potential applications ranging from pharmaceutical formulation and pollution control to nanoscale electronics and tissue engineering.

Prof. Lynn Conway

Pioneering electrical engineer and computer scientist, world-known for foundational contributions to computer architecture and transadvocacy | University of Michigan

After studying physics at MIT and earning her BS (62) and MSEE (63) at Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, Lynn joined IBM Research in Yorktown Heights, NY. While working on IBM's Advanced Computing Systems project she made foundational contributions to computer architecture. Sadly, IBM fired Lynn as she underwent gender transition in 1968.

A gritty survivor, Lynn started her career all over again as a contract programmer in a covert new identity. Advancing rapidly, she soon became a computer architect at Memorex Corporation, but also began decades of living in fear of being 'outed' and losing her career again. Recruited by Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in 1973, Lynn invented scalable design rules for VLSI chip design, became principal author of the seminal Mead-Conway text Introduction to VLSI Systems, and in 1978, while serving as a Visiting Associate Professor of EECS at M.I.T., pioneered the teaching of these new methods. Lynn’s teachings quickly spread to over 100 universities, launching a revolution in VLSI microchip design during the 1980's.
Back at PARC Lynn also invented and in 1979 massively demonstrated an internet-based e-commerce infrastructure for rapid chip prototyping, thereby spawning the MOSIS System and the "fabless-design + silicon-foundry" industrial paradigm of modern semiconductor-chip design and manufacturing. As Assistant Director for Strategic Computing at DARPA, Lynn next crafted the meta-architecture and led the planning of the Strategic Computing Initiative, the Department of Defense’s major 1980's effort to coalesce the technology-base for modern intelligent weapons systems.

In 1985 she joined the University of Michigan as Professor of EECS and Associate Dean of Engineering, quietly continuing her distinguished career. Now Professor Emerita, she lives with her engineer husband Charles Rogers on their 23 acre homestead in rural Michigan. They’ve been together over 28 years. As Lynn neared retirement, she faced ‘outing’ as reports about her early work at IBM began surfacing. With a growing sense of pride in her accomplishments, she overcame her fears, quietly came out via the internet, and gradually created a major transgender advocacy website. Translated by volunteers into many languages, her site quickly became a beacon of hope and encouragement for gender transitioners world-wide and a trans focal-point to help expose the Gender Madness in American Psychiatry. Since Lynn “didn’t look like an engineer” back in the day, Silicon Valley’s cognoscenti were clueless about her accomplishments in the 1970’s. That began to change in 2012, when Lynn published her "VLSI Reminiscences" in a special issue of IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine, revealing how - closeted and hidden behind the scenes - she conceived the ideas and orchestrated the events that swept through and reshaped an entire industry.

A Fellow of the IEEE, Member of the Hall of Fellows of the Computer History Museum and elected to the National Academy of Engineering, Lynn has also received honorary degrees from Trinity College and Illinois Institute of Technology. Awarded the 2015 James Clerk Maxwell Medal by the IEEE and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, her citation included these words: “Her influence on modern electrical engineering is deep and profound, arguably on the scale of Armstrong and Steinmetz.”

Life in stealth’ of microchip genius who migrated to a new identity: Lynn Conway beat transgender bias and began a revolution”, by Magnus Linklater, The Times (UK), Nov. 14, 2015.

IEEE/RSEoyal Society of Edinburgh "James Clark Maxwell Medal" Citation, read by Barry Shoop, IEEE President-Elect, Nov. 12, 2015.

Wikipedia article about Lynn Conway

Talk: An Invisible Woman: The Inside Story Behind the Microelectronic Computing Revolution in Silicon Valley

In 2015, US White House Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith raised profound questions about women’s contributions in science, engineering and math being erased from history. In this talk we explore a case study of such an erasure from the history of Silicon Valley, and surface a very counter-intuitive sociological explanatory-conjecture about the underlying causes and effects.

Julie Shirley

Senior executive banking professional with over 28 years’ experience in Investment Banking, Prime Services and Private Wealth Management operations. 4th place in the 2016 FT and OUTstanding Power Lists as an Executive Ally.

Julie is a senior female managing director with over 28 years’ experience in Investment Banking, Prime Services and Private Wealth Management operations. She has extensive international exposure gained whilst working and living in various locations (Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and India) and managing teams of up to 450 staff in 18 countries/cities across all regions of the globe.
Julie has been a formidable advocate for diversity and inclusion throughout her career. Amongst other achievements, Julie founded and chaired a highly visible LGBT network in Asia for a top tier global bank and launched a hugely successful LGBT Ally program. Julie continuously drives employee education, awareness and engagement on LGBT issues through internal communications, her support of public events and hosting in-house LGBT inclusion and ally training workshops. She was also a leader within the Hong Kong banking community for collaboration on matters that impact same sex partnerships in the city.
In the 2016 Community Business LGBT Inclusion Awards 2016, Julie was named the 2016 Hong Kong LGBT Ally. She was also placed 4th in the 2016 FT and OUTstanding Power Lists as an Executive Ally.

Jon "maddog" Hall

Key person in development of Linux systems, "Tech Guru of 2012" by OUT magazine, Chairman of the Board | Linux Professional Institute (LPI)

Jon "maddog" Hall is the Chairman of the Board of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), and the President of Linux International. Since 1969, Mr. Hall has been a programmer, systems designer, systems administrator, product manager, technical marketing manager, author and educator.

He currently works as an independent consultant, and is involved with bringing environmentally friendly computing to emerging marketplaces as well as working on performance and educational issues with Free and Open Source Software via the Linaro Association. He is also closely aligned with LeMaker, a design center located in Shengen, China.

While not a founding member of LPI, maddog helped formulate some of the concepts and donated personal money to allow the first 200 tests be subjected to psychometrics.

Mr. Hall has worked for such companies as Western Electric Corporation, Aetna Life and Casualty, Bell Laboratories, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), VA Linux Systems, SGI, Futura Networks (Campus Party), Linaro and LPI. Mr. Hall taught at Hartford State Technical College (HSTC), Merrimack College and Daniel Webster College. While at HSTC his students gave him the nickname of "maddog", and he developed the skills necessary for talking to university students over pizza and beer.

Mr Hall has worked on many different operating systems (MFT, MVT, VS1, VS2, MVS, CP-67, VM/CMS, RSTS/E, RSX-11M, CP/M) but concentrated on Unix systems since 1980 and Linux systems since 1994, when he first met Linus Torvalds and correctly recognized the commercial importance of Linux and Free and Open Source Software. Mr. Hall obtained a DEC "Alpha" system for Linus Torvalds and organized an engineering team which helped the Linux community to port Linux to the world's fastest 64-bit microcomputer.

Since 2006 Mr. Hall has been working on Project Cauā, allowing students who could not afford to attend university to both attend university and get real-life job experience.

Mr. Hall is the author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles, many presentations and one book, "Linux for Dummies". He currently writes a blog for Linux Pro Magazine.

Mr. Hall has consulted with the governments of China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Brasil as well as the United Nations and many local and state governments on the use of Free and Open Source Software.

Mr. Hall serves on the boards of several companies, and several non-profit organizations. He is currently very active with the University of Sao Paulo's Centro Interdisciplinar Em Tecnologias Interativas (CITI), acting as a member of their advisory board.

Mr. Hall has traveled to over 100 countries, many more than one time, speaking on the benefits of Open Source Software having received his BS in Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University (1973), and his MSCS from RPI in Troy, New York (1977).

In 2008 Mr. Hall joined the battle for Marriage Equality in New Hampshire, having been a Justice of the Peace for over a quarter century. On the 100th anniversary of Alan Turing's birth in 2012 Mr. Hall announced on his blog that he was part of the LGBTQ community. This blog post continues to be the most-read blog article in the history of Linux Pro Magazine. Subsequently he was elected to the "Out100" list of 2012 as "OUT" magazine's "Tech Guru" of the year.

In his spare time maddog is working on his retirement project:

maddog's monastery and marina for math, music, micro-computing, micro-brewery, micro-winery, micro-distilery, and bait shop.

Topic: Making Money With Free Culture

In the English language there is a problem with the word "Free". It can mean both "without cost" and it can mean "freedom". This talk will interweave elements of computer history, the computer industry, issues of the industry today and how "Free Culture" can sometimes make more money than closed source software, and how this fits in with the LGBTQ community.

Martin Wezowski

Futurist, Chief Designer | Innovation Center Network | Chief Innovation Office SAP

I have been loving and living design and tech my whole career. I moved across a broad range of design disciplines from visual, interaction, usability, service to system design and to be leading design as a strategic endeavor. Right now, I am on the mission to map, build and inspire a future we want to live in. As Chief Designer and futurist for SAP's Innovation Center Network & Chief Innovation Office I craft future outlooks, strategies and products, define and run innovation frameworks to find out what’s next for SAP and the future of work.

I frequently share my passion for the future of technology and design (TEDx, SXSW, WEBIT, Singularity University Summit, CES, Ada Lovelace, CeBIT, MOBx, Grace Hopper, SIME, MLOVE etc.) I build on my international adventures stretching from Poland, Sweden, China to Germany and across companies like SAP, Sony and Huawei, working with consumer electronics, media services and business software. There are probably very few Sci-Fi movies I have not yet seen, there are hundreds of forests I would love to mountain bike in and miles of coral reefs to dive on. Ask me about anything of the above and you will catch a spark in me eyes and possibly an interesting conversation.

Talk: Let's design a future we all want to live in

We talk about change, but what are the mechanics behind it? How are the dynamics of change, well, changing? How fast? What it means to be an innovator and designer is transforming faster than before, from classic product definition and styling of the superficial to system design of everything, including social and political systems, deeply rooted in a space of challenges and promises between cutting edge tech and humanism. In an increasingly exponential and converging digital change, we design a relationship, a behavior, that the product will follow. This exponential change is our most important innovation brief and the stakes are high. It is just too important to be left only to designers. I believe that everything can and should be given a purpose through innovation and design, including the innovation systems themselves. Let’s open our minds with some examples of change and a couple of visions that might just become true, if we want to.


Humberto Corona

Humberto Corona

Data Scientist | Zalando (formerly at Verizon, Sony, UVIGO, UCD), advocates for visibility of LGBTI in tech

Humberto is a data scientist with a background in recommender systems, having done research a number of years in four different countries, both in industry (Verizon, Sony) and in academia (UVIGO, UCD). Currently based in Dublin (Ireland), Humberto enjoys working in a team at Zalando that builds customer-centric data products, and he also helps to manage the data science guild. Since 2016, Humberto has been a board member of Intertech Ireland, an organization that promotes inclussion and diversity for LGBTQ+ people in the tech sector in Ireland. You can read more about his research, code, art and words at http://hcorona.github.io

blog: http://medium.com/@totopampin


Jillian C. York

Jillian C. York

Director for International Freedom of Expression | Electronic Frontier Foundation, co-founder of Onlinecensorship.org, a winner of the Knight News Challenge in 2014

Jillian C. York is a writer and activist focused on the intersection of technology and policy. Based in Berlin, she serves of the Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where she works on issues of free expression, privacy, and digital security. Jillian frequently writes about these issues; her byline has recently appeared in Quartz, the Washington Post, and the Guardian.

In 2012, Jillian co-founded the project Onlinecensorship.org, which won the Knight News Challenge in 2014. Jillian is a fellow at the Center for Internet & Human Rights at the European University Viadrina and a member of the Deep Lab collective.

Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz

Leads the LGBT group for eBay Germany, Head of Global Marketing Planning | eBay (formerly: Siemens, McKinsey, Valoris)

Telecoms Engineer from Madrid, Carlos started his career with SIEMENS mobile networks in Germany, then Asia and then Latin-America. After his MBA and some time as a consultant with McKinsey and Valoris, he joined eBay in Berlin 12 years ago and has led a number of functions there, from Finance & Strategy to Customer Service and Operations. In his current role in marketing planning for all digital channels, his team ensures a seamless translation of regional business strategies and plans into global marketing operations. Driving an operational performance loop to drive quality and accountability, and maximize business impact. He leads the LGBT group for eBay in Germany. He has just returned from his paternity leave after he and his partner had a child through surrogacy in California.

Talk: An inspired customer is a regular customer.

We will discuss following questions: How can we use customer insights and analytics in tandem with Marketing to produce the personalized offers that match the individual needs and interests of today's customer? How far can we personalize without losing the ability to scale? We’ll talk about scaling individually targeted campaigns and content from both the Marketing and Business Intelligence perspectives and discuss real-life examples of success and failure at eBay.

Michael Othen

Michael Othen

Founder, produced several LGBT-themed games | Digicub Ltd

Michael's 10-year career in game development spans console, mobile and the rise of free-to-play. He has produced several LGBT-themed games and is founder and co-founder of Digicub and Fusebox Games.

Talk: A Game Dev Story

A candid account of Michael's journey through independent mobile game development. Through his top 10 lessons learned, Michael addresses the design implications of free-to-play, the fair representation of gender and sexuality in his own games, and the ‘fun’ in fundraising (there isn’t any!).


The full list of our speakers, performers, workshop organisers, artists, musicians, moderators, volunteers can be found here.
Andrew Doherty

Andrew Doherty

Design Consultant (former Lead Product Designer | Google), passionate about technological accelaration

Former Lead Product designer at Google in Mountain View California, Andrew Doherty now consults to large organisations around the world on how they can best prepare their products for an exponentially accelerating design arms race.

Talk: The future of design

Humans have come a long way from our first designs 3.3 million years ago. We are now approaching the knee of the exponential curve in the increasing capability of information technology. Everything is about to change, and much faster than we may be able to comprehend. The ERA of AI everything is upon us. What is coming, and what can we do to prepare ourselves and our companies.

Sarah Jansen

Sarah Jansen

Hardware Developer, Transadvocate, Laser Geek

Born in 1970 in Lübeck, Sarah has put her fingers into a socket with the age of three. Since then her great love and passion are tech in general and electronics in specific. She's done a professional training for electronics at Dräger in Lübeck, worked in a house for refugees and studied social sciences in Wuppertal. In 2001 she went back to electronics and jumped into the world of lasers in 2012.

Dr. Ana Peleteiro Ramallo

Dr. Ana Peleteiro Ramallo

PhD in Artificial Intelligence (2014), 30+ international peer-reviewed publications, Data Scientist

Ana holds PhD in Artificial Intelligence (2014), and she has 30+ international peer-reviewed publications (Scholar). She has spoken at 10+ international conferences and given several invited talks. Ana is currently a data scientist at Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion platform. At the Fashion Insights Centre in Dublin, she works in the Fashion Content team, where she uses machine learning, NLP and engineering, among others, to provide fashion insights and to generate data-related products. In her free time, Ana is very active both in attending and giving talks at meetups and other different events (ML Dublin, PyconIE, Women Who Code, etc), and she loves to do sports and travel.

Jose Rivera Jr.

Jose Rivera Jr.

Well-known visual artist, musician and performer, who combats the stigma through arts

Jose Rivera Jr. is a multidisciplinary recording artist, musician, and choreographer based in Brooklyn, NY.  José's work lies at the intersection of music, dance, visual art, and wearable tech. He is currently creating his latest work, LQQK, The Way I Look, a 15 part recorded and digital music series to premiere throughout 2017.  LQQK was workshopped at performance venues and galleries in Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and NYC throughout Summer 2016.  José has performed throughout NYC from Radio City Music Hall, to La Mama Experimental Theater Club, to the mirror in his bedroom.  joseishere.com | @joseishere

In addition to his work as a performer, José is the social media manager at Project UROK, an initiative of the Child Mind Institute.  UROK creates digital content to effectively combat the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness.  José is the first line of content and conversation at Project UROK, talking to kids and teens (ages 13-28) day in and day out from across the globe. He has extensive experience and a unique algorithm for creating a safe, supportive online community where teens can safely discuss their mental health. José is versed in all current and emerging platforms - you name it, José talks about it!



Photo credit is to Sasha Arutyanova - http://www.sashaarutyunova.com/

Shermin Voshmgir

Shermin Voshmgir

Founder | BlockchainHub

Talk: Disrupting Governance, with Blockchains & DAOs

Blockchain allows us to decentralise trust, creating the basis for a P2P society powered by auto enforcable smart contracts. It is the driving force of the next generation Internet, the Decentral Web. The protocol allows us to disintermedie transactions, radically reducing transaction costs with Smart Contracts. The highes form of such a smart contract is a DAOs (Decentraized Autonomous Organizations) or DVBNs (Decentralized Virtual Borderless Nations). Is it just hype, and if not, what are the potentials and pitfalls?

Thomas Mayer

Thomas Mayer

Interaction Designer, internationally famous for his interactional design projects

Thomas Mayer was born and raised in the marvelous Ober - Swabian countryside. At the age of 28 he is a trained carpenter, achieved his bachelor degree in Interaction design and was able to participate in multiple projects in a broad variety of tasks.

His curiosity is his incitement to proactively commit to design-oriented projects in which he is always eager to learn and enhance his skills. He prefers multidimensional projects in which he can involve his hands and his methodical way of thinking for best results.




We are working hard to produce a diverse and comprehensive program and to create a day full of excitement, encounters, performances, entertainment, presentations, installations, music, art and a lot of inspiration!
  • SchwuZ Club
    Rollbergstr. 26, 12053 Berlin

  • May 6, 2017
    11:00 am - 08:00pm

  • After-party
    Schwuz Club


Please, be on time to make the most of the day!


Get to know others!


Stuart Cameron

The day of excitement begins here!


An Invisible Woman: The Inside Story Behind the Microelectronic Computing Revolution in Silicon Valley

Prof. Lynn Conway


From Strength in Diversity to Smart Nanoscale Technologies

Prof. David K Smith


Recent Global Political Trends, and its Influence onto Inclusion and Diversity in Tech and Science

Julie Shirley (UK), Steve Demeter (USA), TBA (Germany), TBA (TBA)


Meet other unicorns. Talk to companies. Play in networking games. Connect


Making Money With Free Culture

Jon Maddog Hall


Let's Design a Future We All Want to Live In

Martin Wezowski



Erik Lüngen, Patrick Gruhn, TBA





Stuart Cameron & Dastan Kasmamytov

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Stuart Cameron

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Time to celebrate and shake our bodies!


Analytical Engine

DJ Julia Läger


The future of design

Andrew Doherty


Get to know other unicorns 🙂


Effective Communication Through Code Over Time

Tom Biegeleisen


Building inclusive dev teams

Daniel Irvine


New Deal on Data

Bas Timmers


Inspiration at scale at eBay

Carlos Sainz

4:00 PM TALK:



A Game Dev Story


5:00 PM




Greet and meet other geeks

6:00 PM



6:30 PM







Meet other unicorns!


Yaknel Elorza

1:00 PM Speed Networking

Meet other unicorns!


How to Deal With Everyday Discrimination

Lea Boehm


For Absolute Beginners: Introduction to Web development

Midori Kocak



Humberto Corona & Ana Peleteiro Ramallo


The lasersaur, or how to build your own great lasercutter

Sarah Jansen


Easy Ego Encouraging

Maxi Beilfuss






SAP is the world's leading provider of business software, offering applications and services that enable companies of all sizes across more than 26 industries to become best-run businesses.




The roots of erasys GmbH stretch back to 2002. Our history is closely interwoven to the successful gay dating portal PlanetRomeo.com that allows 1.8 million gay men to connect with each other daily.

Learn more about erasys and jobs at erasys:



We are the people behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, VaultPress, Akismet, Gravatar, Polldaddy, Cloudup, and more. We believe in making the web a better place.
We’re a distributed company with 535 Automatticians in 52 countries speaking 75 different languages. Our common goal is to democratize publishing so that anyone with a story can tell it, regardless of income, gender, politics, language, or where they live in the world.
We believe in Open Source and the vast majority of our work is available under the GPL.

Learn more about us

OLX Group

OLX Group

OLX is the world's leading classifieds platform focused on high growth markets, both mobile and online. We operate globally and we are present in more than 45 countries.

OLX exists to improve people’s lives by bringing them together for win-win exchanges. Purpose, for us, is everything. To know we’re making a difference.

By providing mobile and digital local market places we empower people everywhere to buy, sell or exchange their used goods and services.

We believe in a world where everyone wins.

OLX Website



Zalando is transforming from an e-commerce company into a multi-service platform that provides fashion as a service. We make it our mission to imagine and predict the infinite points of interaction between fashion and people - and develop the technology to make this possible. The +1300 members of Zalando Technology across our offices in Germany, Ireland and Finland build most of our 40 platform products in-house and open source - from our logistics software to our mobile applications. We work in Scala, Java, Clojure, Spark, React, Swift, and Docker - to name just a few.

When it comes to how we work, we believe that trusting each other is key. Through our culture of Radical Agility, we let the principles of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose guide us. Our +110 engineering teams are made up of over 70 nationalities. Diversity is a major factor to our success - from the variety of skill sets and interests to the tools and languages our teams choose to use.



The Rock Star of all Career Fairs

It has been called "The rockstar of all career fairs". We consider ourselves to just be very different. At STICKS & STONES, there is no room for redundant or boring mediocracy. Instead rockstars, geeks, pandas and unicorns are reflecting the infinite complexity of life. Our speakers belong to the best of their genre and there are few as proud and exciting as our exhibitors.

More than 100 companies are here to meet people like you - regardless if you are gay or straight, something in between or beyond, regardless if you are a student, a graduate, a young or senior professional.

More info here.

Gruenderszene Jobboard

Gruenderszene Jobboard

About Vertical Media

Vertical Media is the publishing house behind the online magazine Gründerszene and was founded in 2010. Since 2014 Vertical Media has been belonging with 88% to Axel Springer SE.
The most important elements and products are the online magazine, the integrated jobboard and numerous events like the Spätschicht, CEO or HR Dinners and the Heureka Conference.

About Gründerszene

Gründerszene is the leading German online magazine and offers daily news and relevant facts about the start up scene and the digital economy in Germany and Europe on a continously updated basis.

About Gründerszene Jobboard

The Gründerszene Jobboard is an integrated part of the online magazine. It is the biggest platform for finding your dream job in the startup-scene.
It is the place for digital natives, entrepreneurs and tech heads who are looking for new professional challenges and who are trying to find new job opportunities: whether it’s an internship or a freelance position, a beginner’s job or a head-of-post.
More than 2,000 companies including well-known representatives of the scene such as Rocket Internet, Bosch, Zalando, McKinsey or Daimler are looking for you.
Don't miss your chance to be a part of it!

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The best place to make your videos: valoso.com


Filip Trpchevski
Customer Success Manager



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Gay Times

Gay Times

The World's Biggest Gay Magazine

Gay Times has been in print for 30 years and prides itself on being the most established, credible and original gay magazine. We are acessible, responsible, fun, sexy (not explicitly crude) informative and innovative and we aim to convery these values through all GT branded platforms.

Read the magazine here.

Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam


Adam Groffman is a freelance writer, marketer, and travel blogger based in Berlin, where he covers city trips around the world, expat life, LGBT issues, festivals, and nightlife. His writing has been featured in The Guardian, AFAR, Fodor’s Travel Guides, Vanity Fair, Condé Nast Traveler, and numerous online publications. Adam Groffman is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers, the North American Travel Journalists Association, the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. When he’s not out exploring the coolest bars and clubs, he’s usually enjoying the local arts and culture scene. His travel stories are available on his blog, Travels of Adam, and additional travel tips (and embarrassing stories!) are shared in real time through his social media.




Estabilished in 2005 Digicult is an online platform that examines the impact of digital technologies and applied sciences on art, design, culture and contemporary society. Digicult is an independent project, with no funds from any institutions or companies, it is neither public nor private, that reaches more than 100,000 online users on a monthly basis. Based on an international network of critics, curators, artists, designers, professors, researchers, journalists, media center, galleries and festival, Digicult is an editorial project that daily publish news, informations, articles, interviews, reports, essays. Digicult is founded and directed by art critic and curator Marco Mancuso.




Seit 1998 bieten Konnys Lesbenseiten Informationen rund um's lesbische Leben. Schwerpunkte sind - neben tagesaktuellen Informationen - lesbische Literatur, Filme, Politik, Gesellschaft, Beratung ... und vieles mehr, was die Lesbe von heute interessiert.

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Pink Banana Media

Pink Banana Media

Media Partner

LGBT Online Advertising & Marketing Agency


BONER Magazine

BONER Magazine


Popular monthly gay print journal in Germany. Distributed in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Mannheim, Munich & Stuttgart.





Connecting Business. Sharing Knowledge. Networking the Future: we offer a creative platform for many companies. Are you looking for contacts in your expertise field and beyond to build synergies, partnerships and business initiatives? media.net provides more than 130 educational events every year about business development, personal development, design, etc.





Dataconomy Media is Europe’s leading online portal focused on data-driven technologies. We provide the technology & business communities with in-depth insight, cutting-edge research, and established thought leadership. Dataconomy offers a platform for readers to further develop their understanding of technology, business, and the intersection between the two. Dataconomy.com is home to commentary from industry leading practitioners of all data-driven technologies, career guidance for aspiring scientists, and fascinating case studies from the companies on the cutting edge of data science.

DADDY Magazine

DADDY Magazine


DADDY Magazine is a Berlin-based publication that examines the tough issues (racism, sexism, homophobia, discrimination) through a humorous lens.

WHY DADDY? Because, just like any parent, DADDY isn’t perfect, but we try to keep an open mind, keep learning and understand each other better — and we’d like our readers to feel the same. Other reasons include: The name Mother is already taken by this small advertising agency from London; daddy is a term used by gays, lesbians and heterosexuals alike; daddies can be flawed and embarrassing humans, but ultimately they always have the best intentions.




Chat, flirt and connect with hot local hookups in your city.



Reale Dates, statt viel heißer Luft - bei Gay.de lernst du neue Kontakte beim Chatten kennen, flirtest mit ihnen und im besten Fall triffst du dich mit ihnen.

Queerdeer media

Queerdeer media

Queerdeer Media offers promotion and advertising services for queer events, artists, news & more.

A place to read about all different kinds of LGBT and queer experiences - the good, the bad and the inspirational.

Learn about LGBT and queer history one article at a time

A resource for sharing queer artists and their art.

Seasons of Pride

Seasons of Pride

A little bit queer – stories from the LGBTQI Community: seasonsofpride.com



The magazine for digital transformation

NEW-D is the german magazine about the impact of digitalization on business, media and society. In-depth interviews with a broad variety of people – not just the usual suspects - is the trademark of NEW-D. Two times a year the magazine is also available as a printed version for a exclusive community of NEW-D readers.

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How do I found an entrepreneurial company? What has to be in a business plan? And how can I set up a Facebook business page? Gruenderkueche.de, the online-magazine for entrepreneurs, founders, startups and freelancers provides information about marketing, law, taxes and finances. Written in the style of How-to-articles or recipes with a clear step by step structure, the articles are comprehensible and easy to follow. In addition, there are event announcements and relevant dates for founders and exciting interviews with entrepreneurs, investors and decision makers. Good examples and best practices are the ones a founder of a new business could learn the most of. In our founder stories people talk about their startups, their success and their failure. Who already has an idea, can search in the investor’s data base which is constantly expanding. Maybe a business angel or an investor can be found on gruenderkueche.de.

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So. Digi. Pop.

So. Digi. Pop.

So. Digi. Pop. ist das neue Online-Magazin für Gesellschaft, Digital- und Popkultur. Wir liefern zu diesen Themen Hintergründe – nachdenklich und einmalig einhornig.


Bear Rikers Berlin

Bear Rikers Berlin


Data Natives

Data Natives

Network partner

Data is part of our new cultural identity, transforming the way we communicate, learn and interact. Data Natives is the conference for the data-driven generation, and a meeting point for industry experts, entrepreneurs, tech- and business professionals to interact, inspire each other, and disrupt the status quo. Our growing community of over 64,000 data lovers thrives on new perspectives, thought-provoking content, and exhilarating events. Data Natives stands out because we do things differently. We are home to tech-savvy, young-minded, forward-thinking individuals with a passion for tech and business.




hub:raum provides seed funding for startups that have the potential to fundamentally transform important markets for Deutsche Telekom. 

Startups receive capital to establish market traction as well as added benefits like co-working space, mentoring and introductions to Deutsche Telekom.

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Wear It

Wear It


Wear It Berlin: The Future Festival for Wearable Electronics and Fashion Tech

On June 8 and 9, 2017 Wear It Festival brings together designers, artists, investors, entrepreneurs, business, science and media to build a bridge between ideas, products, people and capital. For the third time the Festival comes along with the chance of experiencing the most exciting innovations in wearable electronics and fashion tech at Palais Kulturbrauerei. In the evening of June 8th there will be a ceremony to introduce the Innovation forum and Wear It Hub Network which are funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung. On both days many inspiring national and international speakers will be participating with various thrilling topics. We all are going to talk about possible limits of the wearable industry and discuss about visions. Among others some trivial but popular questions are: “How do I wash it? How will it last forever?” Together we would like to find out what kind of challenges this innovative sector has to deal with. Interactive workshops, mindblowing performances, an exhibition, a fashion catwalk and a startup show are going to complete this unique program. Through the program Wear It connects ideas, products, society and economy. Multidisciplinary thinking enables a discussion about wearable products - reaching beyond smartwatches and glasses and finding their way into a wider range of applications. Wear It Berlin focuses on bringing designers and makers to the industry for a universal dialogue to be established and for true collaboration to emerge.

Trafopop Berlin: Wear It all started

Wear It came into being as an idea of the Berlin artist collective „Trafopop". To set a new trend in 2013 they cycled around Berlin dressed in self-made LED biker-jackets. Among them: Thomas Gnahm who started Wear It Festival in 2014. Today wearable electronics are a huge trend at every technology and fashion fair, and Wear It is where it all started. As of 2017 Wear It is not only a Festival. We also initiated the Wear It Hub Network with its many meetups all over the city. The biggest among those the second FashionHackDay on May 19 - 21 at FabLab Berlin. We want to turn Berlin into a trendsetter in the wearable technologies industry and connect anyone interested in exchanging and collaborating. This is a truly revolutionary project!

Berlin should position itself as an international Wearable City

The wearable technology market is at such an exciting stage – the opportunities are ready to be picked up and developed into new products and services. That‘ s why the wearable industry stands in such a prominent position with all industries wanting to sample a part of this new revolution. This means it’ s time to take a step further and turn Berlin into a global player and not be outdistanced by the US industry. Berlin has got the potential such as science projects, an innovative startup scene and a diverse textile industry. Due to the lack of interdisciplinary work new products haven’ t yet been introduced. Wear It Berlin constitutes as an opportunity to seek out these new technologies, new desires and new markets and to develop some of the most
groundbreaking innovations of the 21st century. Therefore Wear It Festival is connecting all players - on a national and international scale.


EdTech Hamburg

EdTech Hamburg

Als Educational Technology (EdTech) werden technische Gegenstände und Geräte bezeichnet, die in der Bildung eingesetzt werden. Dabei betrachtet man auch deren Nutzung und den jeweiligen Nutzungskontext im Bereich der Bildung und des Lernens

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SchwuZ Club | Rollbergstr. 26, 12053 Berlin

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